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Results of the Social Summit +5

Geneva 2000

The Outcome of the Social Summit+5

Here are the results of negotiations on the outcome of the Special Session. The outcome document, contained in General Assembly resolution A/RES/S-24/2 of 1 July 2000, consists of a political declaration, an assessment of the 1995 Summit, and further initiatives to implement the 1995 commitments.
Resolution A/RES/S-24/2 in PDF: | English | French | Spanish |

Social Summit +5: An Analysis:

The Division for Social Policy and Development has prepared a compilation of summaries of reports from agencies within the UN system on follow-up to the World Summit for Social Development and the special session.
The analysis A/55/344 in PDF:  | English |French | Spanish |

What others say about the Social Summit+5:

Apart from supporting and encouraging Governments, civil society, the private sector and agencies of the United Nations system in their implementation of the outcome of the Social Summit and the special session, the Division itself has undertaken a number of follow-up initiatives.

Five years of progress?:

Click here to see the outcome of the Social Summit of 1995, or view the assessment report of the UN Secretary-General. | English | French | Spanish |