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Men in Families

In keeping with the objectives of the International Year of the Family, and based on existing research, the current publication aims to promote the knowledge of trends affecting families and increase awareness of family issues among Governments as well as in the private sector. It is also hoped that the study will stimulate efforts to develop family-oriented policies focusing attention upon the rights and responsibilities of all family members. Promoting knowledge of the economic, social and demographic processes affecting families and their members is indispensable to design appropriate course of action to assist families in fulfilling their numerous functions. These overall considerations have guided the preparations of the current publication, which addresses the issue of the evolving roles of men in families and the corresponding need to develop social policies supporting these new roles for the benefit of families.

Policy Workshop on HIV/AIDS and Family Well-being in South and Southeast Asia Bangkok, Thailand, 6 – 9 December 2005

Publication: AIDS and the Family: Policy Options for a Crisis in Family Capital AIDS and the Family: Policy Options for a Crisis in Family Capital by Dr. Mark Belsey
United Nations Workshop on HIV/AIDS and Family Well-being United Nations Workshop on HIV/AIDS and Family Well-being
Windhoek, Namibia, 28 - 30 January 2004. Annex 1 | Annex 2

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