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bulletConcluding annual session, social development commission approves texts on disabled persons, African development, organization of work
SOC/4672, 18 Feb 2005

bulletSocial development commission hears introduction of drafts on disability, African social objectives
SOC/4671, 17 Feb 2005

bulletTackling Poverty, Discrimination Central to Human Advancement, Social Development Commission told
SOC/4669, 15 Feb 2005

bulletSpeakers call for targeted action against Poverty, Unemployment, Social Exclusion, as Social Development Commission concludes High-Level Discussion
SOC/4668, 14 Feb 2005

bulletDeclaration Approved at Social Development Commission’s High-level Segment Calls for Renewed Commitment to Vision for More Just, Equitable World
11 Feb 2005

bulletWorld's Challenge - Make Globalization work for all, Deputy Secretary-General tells Social Development Commission
10 Feb 2005

bulletCommission for Social Development Session, 9-18 Februray, to address Poverty, Employment, Social Integration Ten Years after Social Summit
SOC/4658, 03 Feb 2005